Gweed Nixon Dual Hitter Torch Lighter Vaporizer

We have created an innovative, all-in-one dry herb and oil device that delivers a new experience in smoking. With a built-in butane lighter with adjustable levels, this device is suitable for various smoke products. Please note: this product is shipped without any fuel.

Key Features:
    •   Provides a smooth cleaner (inhale/draw) than
         most smoking devices.  
    •   Hand held size for portability, travel friendly, 
         with a metal case.
    •   Push button start.
    •   Adjustable flame.
    •   Detachable for easy maintenance.

Kit Includes:
    •    Lighter device
    •    Glass pipe
    •    Detachable mouth piece
    •    Dry ceramic cup
    •    Oil ceramic cup
    •    Magnetic cap
    •    Metal nail
    •    Cleaning brush
    •    Travel case
    •    Cup clamper


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